Leadership Development

Women's Leadership Development
Women's Leadership Development (WLD) is designed to provide an integrated and aligned series of tools and practices that brings talented women from the hiring phase, through skills development, and into higher levels of responsibility at UPS.  Though the name of the program is Women’s Leadership Development, the program provides opportunities for both men and women to develop leadership skills and connect personally, professionally, and in their communities. 

The goals of the program are to: 

  • Improve retention of women at supervisor and manager levels.
  • Develop women on the management team to enrich our pipeline of talent for higher level positions.
  • Position UPS for future business growth opportunities with women entrepreneurs.


WLD works in harmony with other development programs at UPS. It is designed to provide an integrated and aligned series of tools and practices that brings talented women from before they join the company all the way to executive suite. 

Designed around building connections, the program is comprised of three interconnected components that support internal networking sessions and membership in external business and community organizations. 

UPS Connections consists of an internal networking program designed to provide women with career-enhancing relationships with other UPS women.  It features sessions about life-work issues that encourage open dialogue, support, and informal mentoring.  

Business Connections is an external networking program designed to help women expand their knowledge by connecting with businesswomen outside of UPS.  By getting connected with professional organizations through networking opportunities, UPS women learn and build valuable business relationships. 

Community Connections offers leadership lessons through volunteer service and community involvement.  This has included work with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Dress for Success and dozens of other volunteer events.   

“With the change in demographics in the workplace, I think UPS is on the right path in identifying these opportunities for leadership development and unique challenges women may have working in a male dominated industry or corporation.” Female UPS employee 

“I am thankful that we have Women’s Leadership Development at UPS. It has been eye opening to see other women having the same challenges and obstacles as I have experienced in my work-life. Building relationships and listening to our partners will only make us stronger and create a better company for our future.” Female UPS employee


Diversity Leadership Development
Based on the success of the WLD program, UPS launched a Diversity Leadership Development (DLD) pilot in 2010 as a management development program to help attract, retain and develop diverse employees.  Similar to WLD, DLD consists of three components that connect UPS employees to each other, the people in the community, and business people outside of UPS.  The leadership groups currently include African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics.  A full implementation and expansion of the DLD program is expected to take place in 2011.