Register as a UPS Supplier

Thank you for your interest in doing business with UPS.  In order for us to learn more about your organization and how you can meet our business needs, please register at At the Ariba log-in page, select the "Register as a New Supplier" link at the top left of the page and follow the instructions.  Once approved, your company profile will be included in our database.  Corporate, region, and local coordinators are encouraged to request bids from businesses listed in the database. If UPS determines there is a match between your product or service and our needs, we will contact you.  Inclusion in our database does not guarantee that your company will be awarded contracts with UPS.

Your company profile will remain in the database for one year.  At the end of that period, it is your responsibility to request that your data remain in the database for an additional year.  You also have the responsibility to keep us informed of any changes in your company's status.

You will receive a confirmation of your registration within five (5) business days.