Employee Education

Earn and Learn

How can you earn up to $15,000 toward your college education? Simply by working part-time at UPS.

Available in 90 UPS locations across the country, the UPS Earn and Learn program offers $3,000 per calendar year with a lifetime maximum of $15,000 in assistance. For part-time management employees, the benefits are increased to $4,000 per calendar year with a lifetime maximum of $20,000.

Students are eligible for Earn and Learn the day they are hired and benefits are prorated accordingly if a student is hired mid-semester.

Metropolitan College and The Chicagoland Regional College Program

Metropolitan College is a program coordinated by UPS, the state of Kentucky, the University of Louisville, Jefferson Community College, and Kentucky Technical College. The program requires that students work part-time in the UPS Louisville operations between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. in exchange for a free education at any one of the three colleges. UPS pays half the tuition and the state pays the other half.
Since students work at night and sleep and attend classes during the day, UPS works with the universities involved to arrange special class schedules and dorm arrangements for students in the program. UPS also coordinates various committees and organizations for Metropolitan students and faculty, in addition to arranging activities for students in the program.

The Chicagoland Regional College Program(CRCP) is a partnership program between the UPS Hodgkins facility and five participating colleges (Moraine valley Community College, Chicago State University, Morton College, Prairie State College and Olive-Harvey College).
Individuals that are accepted into the program, attend one of these colleges, and are available to work at UPS during the Sunrise (4am-9am) or Night (10pm-3am) shift as a part-time package handler, the program pays for virtually all of a student's educational expenses, including housing and transportation. More details about the CRCP program are available at http://www.crcprogram.com.

Distance Learning

UPS is partnering with Thomas Edison State College, based in Trenton, NJ, to retain and develop its workforce across North America through degree and certificate programs that can be delivered wherever an employee needs them.  The college's role is to provide UPS people with broad-based educational services, while maintaining the capability to also craft programs unique to our specific business needs.

The company's unique relationship with the college focuses on providing a coordinated group of academic programs, starting with a customized six-course Operations Management certificate that fits perfectly into an associate degree and ultimately into a Bachelor of Science Administration degree.  For more information, visit http://www.tesc.edu/4034.php.