Awards & Recognition

UPS is a company that is strives to be a good steward - of business, of the environment and of our communities. We don’t take our corporate citizenship for granted. Just like the trust of our customers – we know it has to be earned, continuously. 

To view a complete list of awards and recognition, visit the UPS Pressroom. 

National Safety Council - President's Award for UPS Road Code program

Green Cross for Safety Medal Recipient

The National Safety Council recognized UPS for its exemplary century-long commitment to workplace safety. 

Teaching Teens

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators gave UPS its 2001 Gold Communicator Award for highway safety for educating parents and novice drivers with its publication, “The Novice Driver’s Road Map.”  UPS partners with the Safe America Foundation’s “Teen Driving Institute” to provide simulation and text training to supplement the lack of drivers' education in schools.