Safe Driver Stories

Each day UPS drivers are on interstates, rural roads and neighborhood streets delivering more than 15 million packages. In addition to delivering goods to homes and businesses each day, our drivers are often on the front lines when people are in need. And they never hesitate to use their training and expertise to make a difference or save a life. It's all in a day's work.

All in a Day’s Work
While making her daily deliveries in the small town of Newcastle, WY, Pamela Dugan spotted an unusual column of smoke. She soon discovered that the roof and front porch of a house on her route was on fire and the family’s two dogs were dangerously close to the flames, barking at them.
Pamela quickly called 911 and coaxed the dogs away with treats she kept in her package car. Then, she called the homeowners, who were acquaintances of hers, and discovered that one of the family members was asleep in the burning house. While she waited for the fire rescue crew, she banged on the house’s windows and attempted to wake the resident. Fortunately, the emergency services team arrived and the resident was safely removed.

Fire Fighter

It seemed like a typical October day for Mike Christensen—as he was heading back to the Willow Grove facility from his feeder run in Baltimore, MD—until he noticed a terrible car accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. One of the cars involved was on fire and an elderly man inside was trapped.
Mike immediately pulled over and ran to the burning vehicle with his fire extinguisher in tow. With assistance from another man who also stopped to help, they attempted to pull the victim from the car. When the flames quickly intensified, Mike used his fire extinguisher to bring them under control and then finished pulling the man from the vehicle. Realizing that traffic was backing up, he promptly cleared the glass from the highway so that traffic could resume, climbed into his tractor, and continued on his run.

The Fortunate Unlocked Door
On a November morning, 86-year-old Virginia Noll walked into her kitchen and decided to unlock the door. She’s still not sure why, but she’s grateful that she did. Otherwise, Mickey Hare may not have been able to save her life.
As Virginia was walking around the kitchen, her hip suddenly snapped, causing her to fall to the floor and hit her head. She was bleeding, she couldn’t reach the phone, and her son wouldn’t be home until 4 p.m. So, Virginia prayed for someone to find her before she bled to death.
Just before noon, Mickey arrived at the Noll’s kitchen door to deliver a package. He thought nobody was home, so he called out “UPS” and placed the box by the door. Then he heard Virginia’s voice. He answered, asking if he could come in. Fortunately, the door was unlocked, allowing Mickey to spring into action quickly. He called 911 and followed the emergency dispatcher’s instructions to put pressure on Virginia’s head wound. Then he stayed with her until the ambulance pulled away. He went home that night and told only his wife about the incident. However, Virginia’s family and her doctor couldn’t let the good deed go unrecognized and called UPS to voice their gratitude.