Supplier Diversity Guidelines

We believe that working with suppliers who reflect the markets we serve helps build customer loyalty, contributes to economic development of communities and provides the expertise and innovation we need to outperform the competition. It’s these beliefs that inspired the formal launch of UPS’s Supplier Diversity Process in 1992.

As a part of the process, we make the following pledge to each and every diverse supplier:

We will have designated employees at the corporate, regional and district offices who assume the responsibility of reviewing business opportunities for your company’s products and/or services.

We will work with potential suppliers who qualify to do business with UPS and help them meet our product specifications.

We will review your application and certification(s) as quickly as possible and inform you of potential business opportunities when available.

Products & Services

To keep our business running smoothly, we purchase an array of products and services that include, but are not limited to, the following.


Advertising, art and audio-visual, artwork/illustration, design, graphic design, packaging design, building maintenance, heating and air conditioning, building/janitorial services, consulting, information services, food/vending services, fulfillment and training.


Architects, building design, construction or renovation and facility management, leasing and purchasing.


Art/graphics supplies, boxes, fuel, promotional items and uniforms.


Computer equipment, furniture, airplanes, automotive parts, forklifts, trailers/tractors, ground support air vehicles, UPS package cars (trucks), tires and conveyor belt systems.

Contract Requirements

Suppliers interested in participating in UPS’s procurement process need to be able to meet these quality, cost and delivery objectives at all times.


The products and services purchased by UPS must be of the highest quality so that we can maintain our reputation for excellence.

Distribution and Delivery

You must ensure distribution and shipment of any and all items to any UPS location, at all times.


You must provide an adequate volume of product and services, which may require global, national, regional and local coverage.

Financial Stability

You must have adequate financial resources to produce and deliver the products and/or services to UPS when awarded a contract.

Ethical Business Conduct

You must support UPS’s commitment to uphold and maintain high standards in all of its business dealings with suppliers.

For Additional Information

Regarding our diverse supplier guidelines, please email or contact us at:

Corporate Supplier Diversity
Building 1, Floor 5
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

Telephone: (866) 577-0632
Fax: (404) 828-8225

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